Saturday, January 30, 2016

Illogic and Paradox

In the past week on Facebook I have seen

  • one post that says that Hitler was a left-wing liberal (like our American liberals) because he used the word socialist. (History: Nazi=National Socialist). 
  • another post that likens Sanders to the Soviets with the hammer and sickle prominently displayed because he, of course, says he is a socialist. (History: USSR=Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
  • I have now seen that socialism is BOTH extremes of brutal regimes in Europe in the 20th Century. Therefore socialism is brutal and dictatorial.
NOT history: Socialism = brutal dictatorships.
NOT history: Democracy and socialism are enemies.

Only hatred and demonizing can rally the supporters? Only un-truths and illogical parallels along with a re-writing of history can win elections?

God help us.

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