Friday, November 20, 2015

The Wonder of Illogical Logic

You may have seen the meme recently on Facebook. It is an excellent example of using what sounds like irrefutable logic to make a point.

In reality it as bogus as the proverbial $3.00 bill.

If you had a bag of M & Ms and knew that 10% were poisoned you wouldn't put your hand in and take a handful. You would get rid of the whole bag.
This is in relation to Syrian refugees. If only 10% are terrorists, we still should exclude them all because you don't know which one is which.

I call Bullshit! on that. Big time.

The most obvious reason is that we are talking about human beings, not pieces of discardable candy.

The second reason is that it uses the same illogical process that many complain about in other situations. Let me apply that example to a real hot-button American issue.
Since some percentage of guns will be used to kill someone, therefore we should ban all guns. We don't know which ones will be gotten illegally. It is a lot safer and provides more security if we just ban all guns.
No, I do not believe that. It makes no sense! But it is exactly the same as the M & M argument. Don't tell me it isn't.

So let's not allow this discussion of refugees to be hijacked by nonsense. 

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