Monday, October 05, 2015


Is it too extreme to call commercials irresponsible, even when they have the disclaimers at the bottom? Is it being too picky to show real-life-type dangers being overcome simply by having the right vehicle?

That came to mind recently while watching two car commercials. In one a family is driving across a desert or rocky wilderness with a big storm brewing in the distance. Lighting is flashing, wind is blowing, the kids in the care are showing fear. All will be okay, though. This car can face anything.

Then there's the other one with a car driving through a rain storm on an average street (no wilderness here, it's right next door). They drive right into- and supposedly through- water covering the road.

Yes, it should be common sense, but when the car companies and their ad agencies give us realistically dangerous scenarios where the driver takes the car into situations that we are told to avoid (Turn Around- Don't Drown!), maybe someone needs to express some responsibility.

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