Thursday, October 08, 2015

Calendar of Saints: Henry Muhlenberg (2)

Twice a week I post a quote from saints from the Episcopal Calendar of Saints that week. They are to be meditative and mindful, playful and thought inducing. I hope they are helpful in your spiritual journeys.

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg (1711-1787)
Patriarch of American Lutherans
October 7

As the leader of the Colonial Church, Muhlenberg set the tone for the Lutheran community in what was to be the United States, and almost all Lutheran Churches in America today use liturgies which are developed from the one that he proposed for American use. His plans for local church government, presented to congregations that had been accustomed to a great deal of government control, eased the transition to the "free church" model, and form the basis for plans of local church government in American Lutheran churches today.


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