Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Year Without the Cubs

The World Series begins tomorrow. Two teams that have been also-rans for a number of hours will be vying for the championship this year. The National League Mets haven't won the World Series since 1986; the American League Royals haven't been the champs since 1985. The Mets were last in the Series 15 years ago while the Royals were there last year.

But the missing team, as has been the case since 1945(!!!) at the end of World War II, is the luckless Chicago Cubs. (They last won the Series in 1907!)

Many were hoping that the Back to the Future II movie would prove to be prophetic. No such luck. The curse, or whatever it is, continues.

Actually, I continue to contend that maybe we should all be glad. I have a hunch that the true sign of the end of the world will be when the Cubs take the championship trophy. All will then have been accomplished. (As an old fan of the Brewers, I have to point out that they (and five other teams) have never won. And Mariners and Nationals fans would note that their teams have never made it to the Series at all.)

But the ultimate in lucklessness continues to be the Cubs. They still play the blues in Chicago, not just for baseball season, but at World Series time as well.

Maybe next year.

So, in loving honor of the "doormat of the National League" here is Steve Goodman's immortal love song to them, A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request.

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