Monday, September 28, 2015

Moon Fun

Did the eclipse last night since it is the last lunar eclipse for a few years. In addition to all the standard shots of the shadow creeping across the man in the moon's otherwise clear visage, I tried several with the zoom. Here are the three that worked best - just for fun.

I set the exposure for 30-seconds on all of them. Then after an initial period changed the zoom. When doing so the larger image showed up further to the left in the picture.

On this one I just did one shift, about half-way through the exposure and lo and behold, two eclipsing moons.

On this one the exposure time changed more through the cycle- hence some are brighter than others. This time the larger picture is to the right. I think I might have started with the large and got to the smaller ones sooner than I expected to, hence the brighter images.

This one looks like "The moon is falling! The moon is falling!" Either that or a rocket taking off. This was a small to large exposure as the larger images moved off the left side of the field of view.

My camera ran out of power just as totality was ending so I didn't get any shots of the moon getting brighter.  But it was interesting and awesome to watch. I'll see what else I can come up with of the eclipse, possibly including some video. Stay tuned.

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