Monday, August 10, 2015

Off the Grid

Yeah, that was me last week. Almost entirely off-the-electronic-grid for four days. Where I was, my cell carrier had no signal that I could get. There was no Wi-Fi except at the local library which I did not have time to get to but once on Tuesday. To be 95% unconnected, unplugged, and uninformed was quite an experience.

There were moments when I started into withdrawal. I took a couple pictures on my cell of flowers and wanted to post them on Facebook.I couldn't. I wondered what the weather was going to do. I had to wait.

For most of the time, however, I was satisfied to not worry about it. Mostly. Since I didn't have any choice that did make it easier.

Two things I noticed when it was all over.

  1. I survived.
  2. When I finally did check the news headlines, there was nothing new. Same Stuff, Different Day.
I know what that says about my compulsiveness about the iPhone, computer, Facebook, etc.

I just don't want to admit it. Denial is a wonderful thing.

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