Friday, August 07, 2015

Music Continues On

I have spent a great deal of time this summer playing music. Although interrupted by a couple family emergencies, I have had at least 14 musical performances this summer along with lots of hours of practice. Today ends a week at "trumpet camp" at Shell Lake, WI, Arts Center. My trumpet ability, my insights into music, my joy at being a musician has never been greater. Retirement has given me the time and energy to do that.

Handel was correct when he said that it is more than entertaining. It is also to help people become better. Yes, that can often be done through entertaining, no question about that. (See any U2 concert.)

Music is a healing force. It can take us to deep and transforming places. It is the language of life translated into sounds beyond words. I give thanks for this summer of music and growth and transformation for myself. It will not end with the changing of the season. There is always a new season to explore.

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