Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Can't Believe THIS Is News

From time to time I like to find those really stupid, offbeat, or out in left-field kind of stories that I just shake my head at. I then respond, I really can't believe THIS is news. Here are a few I have found recently.

  • With the Fourth of July just past, there were two that won my disbelief- and possibly even a Darwin Award.
    There were two, yes, two, separate stories of people men, in different parts of the country, dying over the holiday when they put fireworks on their body and set them off.
    Alcohol was involved in at least one of them. Why does that NOT come as a surprise.
  • Here's one reported on the Huffington Post:
    A man at a Broadway show desperately needed to plug in his phone climbed onstage before a recent performance to connect his device to the nearest outlet, according to Playbill. Unfortunately, that power outlet was a part of the set, and very much fake.
    Maybe he wanted to call his agent about a job in the play.
  •  ABC News found this one:
    Police in New Jersey say a drunken man twice called 911 to report a fake accident because he wanted officers to give him a ride home.

    Hackettstown police say the initial call from the 38-year-old man came in Tuesday night around the same time the department received a domestic violence call. Some officers who were headed to the domestic violence call instead were diverted to the reported accident.

    While officers were en route, the man called 911 again and asked the dispatcher "where the police were."
    Alcohol again. Something's never change.
  • From The News of the Weird:
    The federal Medicare Fraud Strike Force obtained indictments of 243 people in June in a variety of alleged scams and swindles, and among those arrested was a doctor from Fort Worth, Texas, who once billed the government for working 205 hours in a single day (October 16, 2012)
    Come on! Don't you know everything is bigger in Texas- even the length of the days?
  • Finally, one that I would be very remiss if I didn't post. It comes from everywhere on the news these days.
    Donald Trump says Mexican immigrants are rapists, etc.
    Actually, maybe the real story is that the news outlets are still reporting it. OR, at least one of the other candidates seems to think Trump is a hero.

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