Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Last Minute Post

Well, last minute in the sense that I am actually writing this just prior to posting it. Most of my work on the blog is, by nature, done ahead of time. That way it doesn't become a rush to get something written and posted at the last minute before midnight.

But because of scheduling up ahead of me over the next 10 days, I knew that if I waited to post these thoughts, it might be "old news."

So I decided to post this one today. That way it really is current events.

  • It's about that lion in Africa and the Minnesota dentist who paid $50,000 to have it lured from a sanctuary so he could shoot it with a bow and arrow then track it for 40-hours in its agony and then kill it.
  • It's also about the Cincinnati university police officer who has been arraigned for murder in a traffic stop gone bad.
  • It's about the insanity of the alleged Planned Parenthood videos that purport to show that the organization is a venal, baby-killing group out to make money from fetuses.
  • It's about the presidential [sic] candidates calling Mexicans rapists and accusing the sitting president of leading Jews to the ovens over a nuclear arms deal.
  • It's about denying climate change because it will hurt business and profits to do otherwise and the hell with the health of the planet.
  • It's about having to have 30+ women claim to be raped by a well-known celebrity- and even then saying it didn't happen until his own words describe exactly what they have claimed.
It's about our human tendency for hypocrisy, prejudice, narrow-mindedness and the belief that I am right and everyone else is wrong. (Myself included).

What got me started was seeing the incredible world-wide and national reaction to the lion killing. The reaction was far beyond that for any of the other killings we are hearing about. The reaction to a lion (and I AM an animal conservationist!), even a "famous" and protected lion, raises more anger than much else that is REAL news. Every time three is a mass killing somewhere in the country we are told to pray and NOT politicize. Yet every killing like that does have a political side to it. We are told to remember that all lives matter, not just black lives, even when it is the black lives that seem to be of far less value in how, when, and where they are killed.

Yes, all lives matter, and THEREFORE,
  • all black lives matter, and when they are being killed in traffic stops or as the result of incredibly far-fetched traffic stops, THEY matter and we need to pay attention.
Yes, all lives matter, and THEREFORE,
  • the lives of billions on the planet matter when we are facing potentially catastrophic changes to our environment that will put those lives in severe jeopardy.
Yes, all lives matter, and THEREFORE,
  • the lives of the Israelis and the lives of millions of others in the Middle East matter enough to work hard at preventing nuclear weapons from continuing to proliferate and putting all of them at risk.
Yes, all lives matter, and THEREFORE, why do we ignore the cries of
  • women who have been raped, 
  • veterans who have been denied health services, 
  • poor people who can't get health care, 
  • police officers who are under incredible pressures and need better support, stress assistance and training for their difficult jobs, 
  • bullied gay youth, 
  • the mentally ill who are seen as crazy and to be held in contempt, 
  • prisoners in overcrowded prisons that are filled with non-violent offenders incarcerated because they possessed marijuana
  • the immigrants who, like most of OUR OWN ancestors are here to build the American dream and rape and pillage?
I could go on. I can rant on this for hours, but all I will do is get myself all worked up and feel like I am helpless and powerless to do anything about it. I had to get it off my chest, now, when it is news.
  • Pray for peace
  • Work for peace
  • Uphold peace
  • Make peace a reality 
  • Live peace each day
We all matter- let's act that way and not just say it as a way to reinforce our ideology or put down someone else's life.

Let's live today as if each person we meet has a life that matters and then treat them that way.

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