Friday, April 10, 2015

How's This For An Insight?

Okay, I gather it's been around for a while.

While I can't seem to find a clear history of the phrase, I did find some CDs with the song title or a report that jazz musician John Wood was handing out the bumper sticker with the phrase on it and had started the whole process as long ago as 1995.

Somewhere or another in the past few months I saw one of the bumper stickers and it resonated. I just liked it and so I share it. Truth can be found in bumper stickers more than we will admit. While I have nothing against electronic enhancements and digital music, the sterile, never off-beat, always perfect rhythm of a drum machine can be quite soul-less.

Anyhow- there is a Facebook page (Link) with the description:
A movement to bring imagination and soul back into the music process.
There's also an article on LA Weekly from 2004. (Link) I guess I am a little behind the times after all.

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