Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Letter to Dave With 23 Shows to Go

Note: Time is getting short. Dave has only 23 shows left to go before his retirement. What a great loss that will be. He is in the same league as Johnny Carson, Jack Paar, and Steve Allen as a pioneer in his own right. Here's some thoughts as it gets closer.


To: The Late Show with David Letterman
Fr: Me
Re: Final Show(s)

I saw a news item that was wondering about who should be on your final show in mid-May. Lots of big name celebrities come to mind. Bill Murray was on the first shows on both NBC and CBS as well as the last on NBC. President Obama would make a great guest and a real super ending to a great career. Maybe a Top Ten with some of the Big Names that started with your show over these 30-plus years.

All these came to mind as I was pondering the question about final guests. Bette Midler singing “One More for the Road” would seem like a little bit of stealing from the past. Maybe Jay Leno for you to show all your graciousness at his attempt to be the King of Late Night. Maybe Oprah and Madonna could join him along with Donald Trump and, oh yes, Richard Simmons. In the end you are the gracious winner!

Then I figured it out. One of your final guests should be me.

Of course, as you know, I am no one. I am just a fan, a mere 18 months younger than you who has been watching as regularly as possible since your brief run on daytime TV. I am just an “everyman”, the kind of person who has been there for you through thick and thin. As you have played light and loose with all the TV conventions and rituals, I would represent those who got it. There are millions of us who have spent countless hours being entertained by your anti-celebrity person.

I am the kind of person who you made famous with “Know Your Cuts of Meat” or out on the street as they went into the Hello Deli. I am the people walking along the street when your people in bunny suits or Santa Claus outfits try to go into a coffee shop. I represent the people you have given joy to or who you have made fun of as they walked down Broadway getting squirted with water, caught unawares on the street or yelled at through your external speaker.

I have no stupid pet or human tricks that I can do. I am not a “young scientist.” I am a trumpet player but you have such a good band, my presence would be like a Black Hole sucking away the music.

I have been to New York and been in your audience twice. Once, (left) on June 13, 2006 Tim Russert was your guest; and (right) on August 22, 2013 with Rachel Maddow and Serena Williams.

I filled out a card with one of my uniquenesses- I look a lot like Ben Stein- but never heard from you.

So, simply, I present this as my way of saying, “Thank You, David Letterman” for making Late Night TV more than remarkable and very, very watchable. I doubt that there will ever be another “King of Late Night.” You are the end of an era- and a dynasty, the true heir to Steve and Jack and Johnny.

Rest well- but don’t hide. Let us see your creativity and remind us of what has been so much fun.

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