Thursday, March 05, 2015

Yep! Another Video

I have been working hard this past month on my video editing skills. Most of the videos have been simple. A little editing here and there, add a few cross-dissolves, find some music to fit and Voila! A video.

Today's was one I worked on for a while. I had a lot of video from a major heavy surf event the other week. I knew I wanted to do this one more story-like. It didn't need to be a linear-based video. It was to be a video about the ocean (Gulf of Mexico) and us. I dug through my music and found three pieces to put together to make it about six minutes in length. I then did an outline of the raw video, edited what I had to snippets totaling about 12 minutes. From there it was fitting the right stuff to the music.

Back in the old days of multi-media slide shows (read: predecessors of PowerPoint with soundtracks) we used to say it takes about an hour of production time for each final minute of product. For this video I would say that is probably true.

Anyway, here's the finished product. As usual, enjoy!

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