Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hey, Kids- Do You Know What Time It Is?

Well, this post is scheduled to post at 9:27 CDT. If you have any nerd-genes in your makeup, you already know what that means.

It's a once in a lifetime- or at least once in a century moment.

At the moment of posting it is

3/14/15 9:27


Did you miss it already? That's why I'm scheduling this to post on time. That way I can be sure it gets here at the right time.

Actually, in some parts of the world (probably many) this is a waste of their time reading it. When you post the date as day/month/year, there will never be a Pi Day since there are only 12 months. There is no 3/14/15. Or for that matter, 31/4/15 is also a non-existent day.

I know,

now I am being irrational.

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