Sunday, February 01, 2015

It's Morning- Has It Started Yet?

Naturally I mean the Super Bowl. Seahawks and Patriots. I'm kind of afraid to take sides. Like most sports fans I tend to be superstitious. I have had a terrible record over the years with my favorite sports teams. They lose. Often. It makes me worry that it's my support for them that does it.

Okay- I know that I'm not that powerful. If I was, I would hire myself out to the team willing to pay me the highest salary to root against them so they would win. But if you are a true Seahawk fan, don't blame me when they lose today.

Which I am afraid they are going to do. I don't want them to, of course. The Patriots, in my pantheon of disliked teams, are just a little lower than the 1st place tie of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys and only slightly above Dah Bears. It would be a joy to see Russell Wilson (with UW Badgers connections!) take them down like he did my beloved Packers. Even if he believes God wills them to win, I think God remains on the sidelines. If they lose, will that mean God wanted the Patriots better? Nah. Never.

But these are the Patriots. I don't trust them. I don't want to see them win. No, they are probably not the incarnation of the Evil One, but let them lose! Let it be fair and square. Let the Seahawks take over the field and never let it go.

But the hype is almost over. This is scheduled to post at 9:00 am. The hype should be all queued up and ready to go. The hours of interviews, cute pieces, up-close-and-personal moments, the hundreds of camera angles and books full of things to say in any situation are all there.

So, in fear of losing the whole state of Washington as readers of my blog:

Go Seahawks!

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