Thursday, February 05, 2015

At Sunset

I am going to be experimenting more with panoramas on my iPhone since I just did something brave and out of the ordinary- I learned how to do it by Googling it on You Tube, which I think is our 21st Century equivalent of the owner's manual.

Therefore: Two beach panoramas. 
First, when standing close to the water's edge
you get this fun U-shaped bay right in front of me.

And since it is sunset I present a really long shadow. 
It is, naturally, on the far left.

This one's not a panorama. (Duh.)
But it was almost a full moon so I managed to get 
that between the trees. The moon is actually
in the picture above, up to the right of my shadow.
If you click on any of the pictures a larger version will show up.

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