Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Few Quick Observations

Observation # 1:
For most of the first 10 months of 2014 economists, news reports, and "pundits" of all stripes in general, were less than enthusiastic about the US economy. "Yes," they would comment, "things are okay, but...." They would then enumerate why things were uncertain and you really shouldn't count on the economy rebounding. This in spite of Wall Street bouncing higher, lower gas prices and lower unemployment.

Then, with about 6 weeks left in the year every pundit, economist and report (other than perhaps on Fox News) began to change their tune. By this week you would think that a miracle had suddenly occurred. The economy was booming. "Happy days are here again!!"

Not much has really changed. Except the election was over and all the news that might have put a different spin on the economy is safe to report. Other than pointing this out, and knowing that correlation is not necessarily causation, I will let you think the implications through for yourself.

Observation #2:
Why is it always news in the first few days of the year that people are making resolutions they aren't going to keep? And why is it always news that this has to do with exercise and losing weight?

Observation #2b:
Why is it always a surprise on the news when it gets cold in Minnesota in January?

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