Monday, December 29, 2014

When the Lyrics Catch You

One of the top rated Americana music albums of the year (Swimmin' Time) is from a husband and wife duo, Shovels and Rope. Listening to Folk Alley the other evening I got caught by the opening chorus lyrics:

when the devil is all around
got you crawling on the ground
on your hands and your knees
with an apple in your mouth
you will know how far you'll go
to make your peace with God
The whole song is outstanding, but the set-up with this chorus is a real grabber! The image of
  • The devil all around
  • Crawling on hands and knees
  • With an apple in your mouth
Amazing lyricism.

BTW, just want to give a big end of the year shout-out to Folk Alley. I have the link to them on my sidebar there. They provide a truly interesting and eclectic mix of the very broad category of acoustic music. If you haven't listened- or joined as a member- give it a thought!

Great music programming!

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