Friday, December 19, 2014

Roots Music Rocks in 2014

To me one of the most exciting and innovative musical genres today is Roots Music. It can be "Americana", blues, bluegrass, rockabilly or country, some exciting things are happening there.

The wonderful people at Bluegrass Situation have come out with their list of the Best of 2014. If you think you know what "roots music" is, give their list a try. Some good, old boot-stompin' music, some amazing storytellers, some old-timers and some newcomers. It is nothing short of amazing.

Here's one of them from an amazing young musician named Parker Millsap who, as Bluegrass Situation says deserves to be on the list for using the name Tucumcari in the lyrics.

Then there's 22-year old Jonah Tolchin bring Delta Blues into the 21st Century with power!

And one more, this one a plaintively beautiful and haunting song by Water Liars.

Amazing music- and this is only a small sample.

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