Thursday, December 25, 2014

God's Preference

Great line:
God’s preferred philological form.
Billy Kangas on Patheos

God's preference for "God's Word" is "in flesh"
We call it "Incarnation" and it is quite a truth!

In Context on Patheos (presentation edited for emphasis):

Don’t get me wrong, Jesus’ birth is a significant part of Christmas, but it’s not the primary point. This can be seen in the Gospel reading for Christmas day, which is John 1:1–18. This passage nowhere mentions Jesus birth account but instead is an account of the eternal generation of Christ and the advent of his light in the world.
  • Christmas is not simply Jesus’ birthday, but a feast of the incarnation.
  • Christmas is a sacrament; it is a time in which we remember the highest outward sign of the inward grace God offers to the world.
  • God gives expression of his love in the universal language of flesh and blood, and offers the world a grace that communicates the totality of human existence –

    humanity itself.

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