Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Bribe Good Old Santa

There is a commercial that has been playing recently. It shows a young man who wants a shiny new luxury car. So, with Christmas coming he naturally locates Santa and starts doing nice things for him. Then on Christmas morning there it is- the bright, shiny, new luxury car.

If only it were that easy.

Actually, maybe not. No, I'm not going to say the old cliche about it having more meaning when you work for it, etc. It's about the bribery side of it. Be nice to the old man in a red suit- bribe him with coffee and kindness and he will bring you what your heart desires. Somehow that isn't the lesson I think of when I ponder Christmas. I DO believe there is a war on Christmas- but it is NOT the one you hear about from the right-wingnuts. The real war on Christmas is the one embodied in this ad. It is the war of materialism and getting what we think we want and finally, bribing God. Ooops- I meant Santa.

If you want to make it a Merry Christmas you have exactly one month left. Therefore, from last Sunday's Gospel, ne more time....

.........Feed the hungry
.............Clothe the naked
.................Visit the lonely and prisoners
.............Uplift the least and the lost
.........Heal the sick
......and then
...Love your enemies!

When you do those, we will have a truly Merry Christmas.

Otherwise, have a happy holiday.

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