Saturday, November 08, 2014

It's That Time - Again

Great River Bluffs State Park, MN, 10/16/14
The National Weather Service has a Winter Storm Watch posted for us from Monday to Tuesday morning. Maybe 4 - 7 inches. It isn't even the Ides of November yet.

Therefore it is time for my mostly annual posting of a wooly bear caterpillar from this year. Those old farmer's predictions from wooly bears would say that this means the beginning and end of winter will be harsh and the middle not as bad. Well, at least the first part is about to maybe look bad.

But then again,
  • one of my  general weather memes is that when they predict the big ones- they often don't happen and
  • I seem to remember that almost every year the wooly bear caterpillars look like this one and
  • we can't do much about it anyway.

Endnote: For no particular reason of note, this is post # 5,600.
Aren't you impressed?

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