Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid-Summer Days

When in need of more wilderness, I go to my favorite park just down the road- Whitewater State Park. As I have said before summer is usually thought of as a time of green- underbrush, trees, ferns. Greens are everywhere. But it is never boring. It all is on where you look.

Even the ferns are varied in color.

At Coyote Point the wondrous network of roots and trees growing right out of the rocks.

"Underbrush" that's three feet tall in a multitude of colors of green. This borders the path that is never the same from visit to visit.

After climbing through the dusky green of the woods it's out into the sunshine and the presence of flowers. Where there are flowers, there are bees.

In the prairie butterfly garden the colors are even more stunning than they were in spring.

And perhaps even more varied.

Then there are the butterflies.I am learning a little about the differences between butterflies and moths. I thought this was a moth, but it isn't. It's actually a Silver-spotted skipper.

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