Sunday, June 29, 2014

Small and Big

I made a short visit to my favorite park spot at Whitewater State Park last Sunday. The flies and bugs have been bad so I didn't get much chance to do a lot of walking. But I did get some pictures. As usual. This time I took the pictures and did some cropping so we could get up close and personal. The details of the small things can be amazing.

Sometimes its the little things left behind- like egg sacs.

Or loose cottonwood seeds.

Then you can climb into the flower and see the wonderful contrasting colors and shadows.

Not to mention the tiny "hairs" at the bottom. I must admit they surprised me when I looked at them on the computer screen.

Tiny "white" flowers show even more non-white color
when you dig in and explore.
Then there's the beauty of just the average, every-day looking clover.
Then the intricacy of the small things on nothing more than 5-lobed flowers.

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