Monday, June 02, 2014

Looking Ahead to Music- And Lots of It

This time of the year it seems as if my city becomes "Music City," at least for me. Between now and the end of August (13 weeks) I am participating in 13 different musical performances:

  • 3 concerts with the Community Band
  • 3 concerts with the Concert Band
  • 2 shows with the Big Band
  • 2 with groups playing the National Anthem for events
  • 1 Donut Days for the Salvation Army
  • 1 Parade
  • 1 Brass Quintet at church
(Seven of them are in June!)

Add to that the rehearsals for all these performances and I will be playing my horn quite a bit!

This happens every summer, of course- and it is a joy. For a few months I was not able to be part of the one concert band and, when I went back last week, I realized how much I missed it. I walked out of the band room with a renewed energy. Playing music remains one of the great things of my life.

It is a fun time to be an active musician!

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