Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring Waits Somewhere

Got my first chance this spring to go to Whitewater State Park yesterday. A beauty of a day. High in the 40s. (Barely up to normal.) But the sun was out, the mud was deep, and the snow disappearing. I went looking for signs of spring. Not much luck.

It is still tightly wound up, embraced by the protective core that allows winter survival.

But the sky was blue, water muddy, and snow was on the paths. No snowshoes needed.

How is this different? Well, here is yesterday, 4/5/2014.

And here is April 1, 2012. No fooling. Probably about two weeks difference in growth. Will check back in a couple weeks and see if we have caught up.
Actually, I also checked back and 2010 and 2011 look more like this year than 2012. Although there were signs of trout lilies in those years. This year- nada!
Anyway, here are some more pictures from yesterday. It is always possible to find things and places to photograph. What a wonderful world.

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