Friday, April 25, 2014

Deep Theology from Lake Wobegon

Perhaps our greatest American theologian (and story-teller) of this age is Garrison Keillor on Prairie Home Companion. Hidden in his down-home stories, amid self-deprecating Midwestern humor, he drops explosions of spiritual truth we would do well to pay attention to.

Last Saturday's News from Lake Wobegon was a gem. (Note: It was a rebroadcast of one from three years ago.)

At the end of the news he is talking about the difference between Good Friday and Easter. Good Friday is where all the real, hard core sinners can be found. The people you will need someday when you are older and the wiles and energy of youth fail you. The good people go to church on Easter. It's the hardcore sinners you will find on Good Friday. It's too bad you didn't go on Friday, he said. Think about it for next year.

Oh the truth!

"While we were still sinners...."

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