Friday, March 28, 2014

Time Has Passed

March 28, 1979

Before TMI meant "too much information" it was the initials for fear and uncertainty.

Three Mile Island
The most significant nuclear accident in the United States occurred at Three Mile Island when a partial meltdown of Unit 2 sent alarm bells around the country.

We lived about 15 miles to the south at the time. The steam plumes from the cooling towers were often visible over the hills to the north. For us it was second only to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 for a sense of uncertainty and potential terror.

When we left church after worship two days later we were not sure we would ever see each other again. No one wanted to say that out loud but most of us were surely thinking it.

Fortunately the worst possible scenario didn't happen. But we were very close, probably far closer than any of us realized.

LINK to the Patriot-News coverage of the 35th Anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident.

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