Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fairness is Uncertain

That's how I feel today, anyway. The ultimate fairness is that we all are treated equally at random by the things that happen around us and to us.


Simply put, I spent a month- four weeks- in the (relative) warmth of Alabama. Loved it. Great weather most of the time, a few days in New Orleans where it was in the 70s. Rode 100 miles on my Trusty Trek bike.

January 26

So, I plan this trip so when I return to the frozen north-land, I can at least have the expectation that it will be 30 days warmer than when I left.


The high temp for the day we left was +9 degrees F. The high temp for Sunday when we returned 4 weeks later was -3 degrees F. Meteorological spring started and the temp is no better. The mean (average normal) high for Sunday should have been 31! On top if it, that -3 high temperature was a record. There has never been a day in March since records were started in 1886 when the high temp was below zero. NEVER BEFORE this year.

March 2

And the snow. My goodness, the snow and ice is everywhere. Many of the streets are ice-covered! You'd think I lived in Minnesota.


That's right. I do.

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