Saturday, February 08, 2014

Remembering Pete- Part 5

Pete's Influence

Pete didn't just bring the past to today's issues. He had an impact on what others thought about music.

Take Bruce Springsteen, for example. A number of years ago he put out two albums, one a studio recording and the other a live set. He called them "The Seeger Sessions." He didn't use Pete's music, he used Pete's inspiration and songs that met that standard. They were unlike any of Springsteen's other albums and they brim with life overflowing.

Here's Bruce Springsteen at Pete's 90th Birthday:

Pete lived on the hill overlooking the Hudson River. In the 60s and 70s it was anything but a healthy river. So Pete decided to do something about it. He formed a coalition, built a sailing sloop and proceeded to lead the forces to clean up the river.  It worked.

Not amazing when you consider Pete's intensity and commitment.

Occupy Wall Street
On October 21, 2011 Pete joined others to march as part of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Still marching, still protesting, still working to make this country better and the world a safer place. When they got to Columbus Circle they sang a song that Pete had once made famous. Here is an earlier version of Pete and "We Shall Overcome."

Amnesty International and (of course)
Bob Dylan:
A few years ago Amnesty International released a compilation of Bob Dylan songs covered by others, "Chimes of Freedom." It was only fitting that one of those covers was done by Pete. He was the Grandfather of folk music and one of his children was Dylan. The Greenwich Village scene into which Dylan arrived would not have had nearly the chance of success it had without Pete. Pete was obviously more than happy to oblige.

He sang the perfect song for him and his legacy. It was Dylan's beautiful benediction-style anthem, "Forever Young." As Pete proved over and over for 75 years:

You're never too old to change the world...
Forever.... Young

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