Monday, January 13, 2014

Signs of the Times

As an addictions counselor I have been watching the developments in Colorado and the legalization of recreational marijuana. So this story took a whole new direction. According to Yahoo! News the other day:

Mile 420’ marker replaced in Colorado after repeated thefts from pot fans
For those who haven't been around the pot culture, "420" is a stoner code for a time to smoke- things like 4:20 (am or pm, doesn't matter or April 20- 4/20). I would guess Colorado isn't the only state with this problem, but it's current spotlight in the marijuana news made this story pertinent.

So the state simply changed the sign. It is now milepost 419.99.

Good thinking, DOT.

As the article pointed out, this isn't a first:
But they did take inspiration from another bit of signage tweaking in the state. A previous marker reading “MILE 69,” which some took as reference to a sexual practice,” was replaced with “MILE 68.5” after repeated thefts.

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