Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun With Folk

Many years ago I met a fellow student in college who was a musician. Even more he was a folk singer musician. He helped start a folk music venue that is still there. Dave Fry is still at it and doing remarkable work.

Dave Fry's work has appeared on PBS-TV nationally, winning best Children's Programming in PA in 1991 with his RockRoots program. His Play Guitar with Dave Fry, an introduction to acoustic guitar was released on PBS-TV in 2005 and has been broadcast on over 150 stations. His I Like Peanut Butter CD won Best Re-release from the Children's Music Web in 1999. Dave has been associated with Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern PA for many years, and has been named Master Artist by the state of New Jersey and Teaching Artist by the state of Connecticut, as well. Dave also founded and was Artistic Director of Godfrey Daniels, nationally recognized folk club for 25 years.

So here is his TEDx talk. You will get the idea of his fun. I dare you not to smile.

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