Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Closing the Dome

It was a cold and windy day- well- at least it wasn't the start of a bad novel. Sunday, December 29, 2013 was the day for the last game - ever - at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The Vikings were closing the place down after 32 seasons. We were there for the last Twins game, so why not the last Vikings game?

Noise!!!  One of the hallmarks of the Dome. On 3rd down, for the opposing team, of course, it was time for noise. Most fans didn't need to be reminded, but, hey, that's part of the hype.

I wonder what the Viking will do for the next couple years when the team will be playing outside at TCF Bank Stadium at the U?

I have a hunch he'll still be standing around like this. I know I won't be there in the cold to watch.

Two touchdowns kept the crowd noise up, needless to say.

No. Those are not some new-fangled blue plastic handcuffs the officer is holding. They are old-fangled blue plastic cup holders that have been attached to the seats. Some adventurous person, now  being arrested, had decided he wanted a souvenir. Maybe a copy of the ticket he will be paying will make up for the loss of the cup holders.

There was the presence of security. These yellow-garbed event staff calmly walked around the field as the fourth quarter began.

They were not going to allow any stray fans to get on the field. No destruction was going to happen today. I guess it's a Metrodome version of take only pictures, leave only everything else.

Within the next couple weeks the demolition will begin. The Metrodome will go the way of the old Metropolitan Stadium or some of the other iconic stadiums around the country.

I have only been to four football games at the Dome, but it was a fun place. (I saw Brett Favre play for the Packers and set a record here.) I for one am glad that the new stadium will have a roof. It was cold last Sunday (didn't get above 0 degrees F.) with a bitter windchill. 

The new stadium will be in the same place. I may never be able to afford tickets to see my Packers play the Vikings in the new stadium, but at least the old Dome gave me that chance.

But perhaps my greatest memory of the Metrodome for me will  be the first time I ever set foot under that inflated Teflon. It was Friday, June 30, 2000. The Twins were on the road, but over 50,000 people gathered in the Dome for the Flag Ceremony and Open Meeting for the 65th Anniversary International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous. Over 50,000 SOBER people cheering and celebrating. The bars in town were not happy, but we were.

Here's the link to my post in 2009 after the last Twins game.

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