Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Change Continues

Yesterday came the latest headline out of New Jersey.

Christie Withdraws Appeal of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling in New Jersey - NYTimes.com
At the end of last week the New Jersey Supreme Court did not stay the right of same-sex couples to get married starting yesterday in New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie, who has spoken against the ruling decided that the time had come to stop fighting on this one.

No appeal.

No taking the ruling on to a higher court.

So yesterday New Jersey allowed same-sex marriage!

I have never NOT had a cynical side to me political insights or thoughts. This one sent me wondering, though, down the 2016 presidential campaign trail. That being a road that Gov. Christie has already bought the maps for.

He can read the writing on the wall with this issue. It has gone to new areas unheard of only a few years ago. Fourteen states now allow it. In spite of the Tea Party and evangelical Christians, the opinions only get stronger and more supportive. As more people realize they know gay couples, this will just enhance the opinions.

Christie is no dummy. He knows he better test the winds of change on this one. Yes, he knows he will be against Tea Party-supported candidates. Which is why he is taking a different road. He is making it clear in his own way to the great middle-of-the-road voting bloc, as well as the younger voters, that he has a broader view- a greater openness. If he wants to win, that's his hope.

With all the shenanigans in Washington where GOP leaders are terrified of the Tea Party, it is refreshing to see someone who reads the polls and begins to understand that the world is not only changing, it's changing faster than any of us ever thought possible.

In the end my first cynical comment: I guess Gov. Christie reads the polls, turned into gratitude that someone is willing to go out on a limb.

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