Monday, October 07, 2013

A 40-Year Memory: War in Israel

October 6, 1973. A High Holy Day in Israel. Yom Kippur.

A war began.

My wife and I had just spent a month in Israel three months earlier. We had seen the places that were now in the midst of war. We had been in the Negev and Sinai. Our bus had traversed the Golan Heights. Tel Aviv was a clear memory as was Haifa.

And there was always Jerusalem.

We watched this war with keen interest. We knew these places. Personally. Yes, only as tourists, but they were real sites in our memories and experience.

Now, 40 years later, peace is just as tenuous as ever. No one has truly seemed to figure it out.

A Hebrew song from the Prayer Book for peace in Israel. 
May it be a prayer for all.

Peace!  Shalom! שָׁלוֹם  Salaam!  سلام

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