Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Thought From the Pit: A New Hero

Move over, Cookie Monster, I have a new hero from Sesame Street. After finishing the first week's run of shows in the orchestra for Les Mis, I am leaving the cookies behind (at least sort of.)

If you know anything about the use of brass in orchestral arrangements, then add to that the fact that I am a 3rd trumpet, you will already know why this Muppet is now a mascot in my life. Let's just say that I have had a lot of time to meditate on the words and music of this incredible musical.

Lots of time to count beats and measures.

Lots of time to hear the horns and the strings enhance the words and ambiance of the scene unfolding on stage.

Lots of time to pick out the themes- musical, theological and philosophical- running through both Victor Hugo's novel and the stage adaptation.

So, Count von Count, my thanks for your presence in the back row of the orchestra, sitting there helping me know my place and when to come in.

To say that it has been fun is an understatement. It is an experience and a half. And I still have six more shows to go.

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