Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eating to Ride... or Riding to Eat?

Last Sunday I headed out for what I knew was going to be the longest ride so far this year. My goal was 30 miles on the Root River Trail. Due to trail construction I was forced to start someplace other than my normal starting point between Fountain and Lanesboro.

Then I remembered that Whalan is a wonderful point to start from....

and return to. But for the life of me I couldn't remember why.


So here's the trusty Trek 7000 all ready and raring to go.


I got to Rushford and found the 15 mile  mark just east of town. Great place to turn around. I sure didn't stop long- the gnats were ferocious!

 I wasn't taking pictures. It used to be, 3-5 years ago that I looked at cycling as a way of getting me to places where I could take good pictures, the distances  being beyond normal every day walking. I have now realized that it may have been the other way around- taking pictures was my excuse for biking. I am no longer looking for that excuse. The biking has become a hobby in and of itself.

I know there were pictures I didn't take this time that I might have before. I just kept riding, doing a pace and an endurance that would not have been possible even last summer. It felt good.

But I was aware that I need to do some upper body work. My arms got very tired after about 25 miles. I knew I only had 5 miles to go, less than the distance I pedal to work in the morning, but it took a lot of effort to keep my mind focused.

As I was coming toward the 26 mile mark, pedaling along with only the goal of finishing running through my mind, I saw this patch of brown out in the middle of the field. I pulled to a quick stop and walked (okay- almost stumbled as my legs were not used to that movement at the moment) back the few feet to the opening in the trees where I saw the patch of brown.

There she was, staring at this patch of yellow with a camera in his hand.
She didn't hang around long, 
but just enough to get a shot.

Okay. Maybe both pictures and cycling will stay together.

 I got back on the bike and headed west for the last little bit. I am sure that I need to do some upper body and arm strength work. The legs are in good shape, but over 2 hours of pressure on the hands was taking it's toll.

 But, in the end, it was a wonderful ride on a beautiful day.

And, yes, now I remember why Whalan was a good place to end.

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