Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wet, Wet, and Then More Wet

We have been setting water-based records all "spring."

February 2013: 10th snowiest - 15.4"
March 2013: 3rd snowiest - 23.5"
April 2013: 2nd wettest - 6.79" of precipitation
May 2013: All-time snowiest - 14.5", All-time wettest - 8.63"
-KTTC Meteorologist Randy Brock
It hasn't quit. We had two sunny days on Thursday and Friday and now, well, it's back to the threat and chance and promise of rain and showers. For days and days with no seeming end until next weekend.

Fortunately I had Friday off for time exchange from last weekend. I enjoyed the day. Let's see:

  • I sat outside and did some reading.
  • I picked up my bike from its spring tune-up.
  • I bought a new Weber gas grill.
  • I sat outside and waited for the grill to be delivered.
  • I got my bike ready to ride.
  • I went for a 10 mile bike ride!!!!
  • I got home and started heating up the grill for my first cook-out of the year.
  • I mumbled when it started to sprinkle as I was about ready to start cooking.
  • I finished cooking before it really started to rain.
  • Enjoyed supper.

A lot of hours outside.

Then the rain came in.

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