Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twelve Weeks to Go

It's twelve week from today I will ride through another milestone birthday. And like with the last milestone 5 years ago, I will be doing a bike ride. This time, as I have previously announced, it will be a Century Plus Ride. Actually, around 130 miles (2 for every year of my 65!)

I will, weather permitting (I may be aging but I'm not crazy!) ride over three days from Fergus Falls to St. Joseph, MN, along the Central Lakes Trail (Fergus Falls, and ends in the city of Osakis) and the Lake Wobegon Trail (Osakis to St. Joseph). I will add a little loop of the Soo Line Trail in order to make it 130+ miles AND to cross the Mississippi River.

I am in very good biking shape at the moment. So far this year on stationary and real bikes I have ridden over 350 miles. I am riding one way or the other at least 4 and usually 5 days per week. I am beginning to get excited.

Will keep you informed.

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