Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Humbled and Silent

I sat listening to a great deal of talk about God. It’s not usually that specific, but this was a night about
Step 2: Came to believe
Reading from a chapter To The Agnostic.

The members talked; I listened as I often do on that subject; a “professional”
                Spiritual person needs to remain silent in the face of
                The Words of God being spoken so eloquently.

Honest Theology flowing
From the heart split by pain and alcohol

Visions of God shared
From dark days long gone yet ever so present
In memory or ever so real possibility

Words of Grace received
When not worthy; never worthy, really;
Filling the cracks and
black holes
with Light

I listen in silence to a sermon far
                Better than any I ever preached.
No big words filling the spaces,
                No deep, unintelligible thoughts
Instead a common experience of
                Uncommon awakening.

The humble moment of gratitude not just for their experiences
But because they are mine as well.

The empowerment of the
                Powerless by a
                Power greater than any of us;
Shared through each of us
                To all of us.


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