Sunday, May 05, 2013

For a Germ-Free Communion...

A friend posted this on his Facebook page. The You Tube page this goes to has a number of comments that are pretty much along the same lines as I had.

It appears to be the real deal. It says it was uploaded two years ago and has this comment:
This is necessary in order to prevent transmission of disease and the like. Some fear contagion through the handling involved in distributing the hosts. Hope this answers your question.
So just to be safe, invent a Jesus Pez dispenser!

I fear that the more "antiseptic" we attempt to be, the more susceptible we will be to germs. The more mechanical we become about communion and church, the less Jesus' body will mean in any sense.


But on the lighter side, swallow anything you are drinking, then press play....


Dwight said...

Any Doctor, (incl. Dr. Oz), says, "just wash your hands really well", and many issues would not appear...D

Dwight said...

Last comment: the person wiped their nose, when loading the pez thing, and the juice cups! :):):):) Dwight