Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weather Watch and Warning! Pay Attention!

Our local popular weatherman from KTTC-TV posted this on his Facebook yesterday. It is a good indicator of how we have been looking forward to the still unseen spring.

BREAKING WEATHER: A Spring Warm Up WATCH and a Believe It When I See It Warning has been issued by ME. A paralyzing bout of seasonably warm weather is just around the corner. From Friday through Sunday, temperatures are actually expected to reach the "normal" high for late April, if not warmer, and may be accompanied (occasionally) by a strange, bright orb in the sky. Details are uncertain about the exact levels of radiation coming from said orb, but we need to be prepared for its warming. The effects of this warm up may be not only mind-blowing in scope, but may result in an increased desire to go play outside and take up unusual, outdoor activities. Beware of dangerous fumes from both charcoal and gas grills alike. Sitting at work or school, or hassling yourself with unnecessary, indoor appointments could prove difficult to impossible by Friday afternoon and through the weekend. Please stay up to date on this very serious, developing situation, have appropriate clothing ready for these drastic changes, and take all future warnings seriously.
-Randy Brock
Yes, they are actually forecasting spring by Friday. Be careful out there.

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