Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ten Years Gone

Where did they go? O where did they go?

Here was the first post:

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Just what the world needs, another Post Modern Weblog, and this one by a Boomer. I guess I simply can't believe that there aren't more Boomers like me who continue to work on living with and in the culture we find ourselves in. We are not all stuck in the 60s or- even worse- the 70s.
In March 2003
  • The Iraq War was just starting.
  • I was not preaching on a regular basis anymore (after 29 years in the pulpit) and would, by the end of the year, be on leave of absence.
  • Our daughter was about to graduate from college.
  • I was 54 years old.
  • Blogging was not new, but it wasn't what it has become (whatever that might be)

In these 10 years I have:
  • Learned Spanish (though not to speak it well.)
  • Worked in Substance Abuse Counseling in schools, outpatient and residential settings
  • Retired officially from the active church-based ministry
  • Kayaked in the Apostle Islands
  • Visited the Black Hills
  • Discovered the joys of biking
  • Been a continuing witness to history with Barack Obama's election, among other things
  • Biked 60 miles for my 60th birthday
  • Vacationed in Mexico and even did some scuba diving and snorkeling (firsts for me)
  • Had three different spinal surgeries
  • Discovered Gulf Shores, AL, as a snowbird place to go
  • Remained a Green Bay Packer fan (Doh!)
  • And more things I can't remember (age, you know)


  • posted 4,930 blog posts (not counting the posts on the pmPilgrim photoBlog.)
  • missed only 3 days posting, all on purpose after mass shootings/killings, since August 14, 2005
Some of these posts were simply a quote, a video from You Tube, a picture. Others reflected on the world around me from all kinds of perspectives. I would never have thought it possible. I do it for me, of course. It is my online journal. It is a postModern journal, actually, although the truly private stuff doesn't get here.

I've had fun, actually. And it keeps on going. I will probably hit 5,000 posts sometime toward the middle to end of April. Wow! Them there's a lot of words!

So, with lots of other things behind- and ahead- it is time to move into the next phase. I have no idea what that will be. I've already turned this into more photo blog. I may try more creative writing things. I may...

Well, stay tuned. You will be the first to know!

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