Monday, March 18, 2013

My Hall of Fame

It's two weeks until Opening Day!!!!

Can spring be hiding too much longer?

Anyway, I thought I would go back to last summer and put up these pictures from our trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. It was great and wonderful and fun and lots of things. One thing I did before going there was to make a list of the Hall of Famers I have seen play in person over the years.

Let's start with the Philadelphia years back in the late 70s and early 80s The only World Series game I ever went to was the first game of the 1980 Series at Veterans' Stadium in Philly. What a joy to be there when they won their first World Series game- in history.

Steve Carlton

Mike Schmidt

Ryne Sandberg

Joe Morgan

George Brett

George Brett, of course, was a member of the Kansas City 
team that the Phillies beat in that 1980 World Series!

Moving on to the Milwaukee Years in the mid-80s and 90s:
Rollie Fingers

Robin Yount 

Paul Molitor

Cal Ripken! What else is there to say about such a champion. I saw him in County Stadium (along with the Brewers above) in his last year, touring the American League for all of us to get a last look before he retired.
Cal Ripken

Who's next? Good question. I have seen a lot of great ballplayers in the last 10 years. None of them have been elected. Yet. Some may never be like Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds. They may join the incredible Pete Rose in my non-Hall of Fame greats. Hopefully, A-Rod will be in that group, too. But Joe Mauer, Jim Thome, Joe Nathan, Griffey, Jr., and a few of those Yankees will most certainly get there.

So, on to the 2013 season. My Twins are not favored to do much again this year. But it should be fun to be back at Target Field enjoying the game and the crowds and the wonder that is still Major League Baseball.

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