Friday, March 29, 2013

Giving of Oneself

Good Friday. A day of compassion.

Good Friday. A day of sacrifice.

Good Friday. A day of ultimate giving for others.

We don't understand the idea of sacrifice in the same way as they did 2000 years ago. The sacrifice of animals is no longer part of our ritual for forgiveness or to appease a god.

But we do understand sacrifice. We do it regularly. Parents sacrifice every day for their children. They learn to share with the child, give part of their portion so the child can have something. Spouses sacrifice everyday for each other. One will do some things to make it easier for the other- and vice versa- not because we owe it to them, but because we care.

I don't know much about Jesus' sacrifice other than the incredible theology that has developed from it. But it seems to me that Jesus' sacrifice is as simple as that one little word.
Thanks be to God for the love we have been given in Jesus Christ.

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