Saturday, February 02, 2013

Way to Go AP

You all know I am a Packer fan. But I do live in Minnesota- and I know excellence when I see it.

Peterson2 Packers-Vikings 11/09/08

Over four years ago I first saw Adrian Peterson play football at The Metrodome against the Packers. I was in awe at that point. He just looked like one of those players that you couldn't stop.

He has continued to show that quality and explosive ability. This past season, less than 9 months after major surgery, he came back and took over the league. What a joy to watch someone that good at the top of his game- even against my Packers.

It is good to know he was recognized as he was named NFL's MVP and Offensive Player of the year.

Congratulations, AP. Keep it up, (except against the Pack, of course.)

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