Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a Quick Question or Two

Listening to the news today about the resignation (abdication?) of Pope Benedict, the news kept saying that he is the first "modern" Pope to resign, the last one being either 500 or 700 years ago, depending which Papal history is considered real.

Anyway, the questions popped into mind-

  • Who will be the first POST-modern Pope?
  • Will it be the next Pope?
  • Or will the Roman Catholic Church have to wait many years for a post-modern Pope?
Those are not out-of-left-field questions. They may be at the heart of where the Roman Catholic Church goes in the next 50 years.
Note: In some ways there already was a post-modern Pope- John XXIII. But he was so far ahead of his time that he only got to lay some basic groundwork that has yet to find its fullest fruition.
My guess is that it will be another white, European Pope who, unless he is a surprise like John XXIII, will keep the church where it is without any major movements. But you never know.

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