Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now Back to Life... Already in Progress

An interesting, and perhaps notable game last evening.

Green Bay 31
San Francisco 45

Packers end another winning season, Northern Division Champs.

But last night, watching Colin Kaepernick rewrite football history was something else. You don't expect quarterbacks to do that kind of rushing. He was unstoppable because defense wasn't designed to stop a running QB. As they said on the post-game show, we may look back in ten years at this season as the one that changed pro football again. A new "West Coast Offense."

The other irony:
SF's quarterback grew up a Packer fan in Milwaukee.
Green Bay's quarterback grew up in California as a SF fan.

Just thought I would add that.

In any case, for us Packer fans, the season is over. Thanks guys for a good season. And a probable farewell to Greg Jennings (who scored the last TD of the season) and Donald Driver. Thanks to you two as well!

Time now to count the days until Opening Day.

And that magic number is only


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Dwight said...

Interesting that the Vikings had previously beta both teams earlier till they lost their quarterback....