Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is He That Desperate?

The "homeless" panhandler was there at the exit ramp again on Monday. Temperature was below Zero F. at 4:00 pm. He's all bundled holding the ubiquitous homeless sign: Please Help. God Bless. I avert my eyes from his. Which are hidden in that narrow slit that helps keep the rest of his face from freezing.

  • How does he do it? 
  • Day in and day out? 
  • Hot or cold. 
  • Is he that desperate? 
  • Could I do that? 
  • What's his story? 
  • What could be mine?

My mind wanders through all kinds of thoughts.

  • The homeless you will always have with you, comes to mind.
They make us - me- uncomfortable.
As I sit in my warm toasty car.

And look the other way.

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