Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Did You Get?

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?
                The right color?
                                The right size?

With the pre-Christmas season over we can now
                Stop being nice or even start
                Being naughty again.

                                No one is looking anymore.
                No lists being checked once or twice. We can resume life.

But did it do any good to try to be nice so
Santa would bring us what we wanted?

Did it do any harm for all the naughty ones
who just frankly didn't give a damn?

Nope. Didn't think so. Since most of us probably got something of what we wanted.
                And didn't get some of what we longed for.

That's the way Christmas is. Year in and year out, naughty or nice.
Shepherds and a virgin, Joseph and a defenseless Baby
                Angels and stars breaking the heavens for
Naughty and nice together.

I think we call it grace.

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